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Ceramic Rollers

Basic information:

Model: LVT009

Usage: for heating section

Specification: as customer’s tempering furnace

Brand: Vesuvius, Chinese brand, etc

H.S. Code: 8475.9000

Transport Package: Wooden Case

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  • Product Details

    Fused silica rolls are equipped for the steel sheet and glass ribbon transferring and heat treatment. Low thermal conductivity of the fused silica reduces the over-cool and stress of the steel surface and glass surface, thus the cracks are reduced or eliminated. The service life of the fused silica roll is long because of the ceramics worn-resistant. The cost of steel sheet, the wafer and the glass ribbon can be reduced; the quality can be improved at the same time by using fused silica rolls.

    Common Sizes:

    Φ55 x 2209mm

    Φ85 x 3360mm

    Φ60 x 1971mm

    Φ85 x 3380mm

    Φ65 x 2524mm

    Φ85 x 3460mm

    Φ65 x 2596mm

    Φ95 x 3697mm

    Φ67 x 2630mm

    Φ95 x 3788mm

    Φ75 x 2990mm

    Φ95.25 x 3352mm

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Position Limit Switch

Position Limit Switch

Fuse Housing

Fuse Housing


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